Learn the Billings Ovulation Method™
(also known as the Clinics)


The Natural Family Planning Association provides instruction in the Billings Ovulation Method™.  The Billings Ovulation Method™ is easy to learn and is highly successful when used by a couple to achieve or avoid a pregnancy.

Introductory Sessions

An introductory session is the first step in the process of learning the Billings Ovulation Method™.  These sessions are held at our clinics throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  The introductory session provides the basic concepts of the method and will give the woman or couple the information needed to start charting and to become familiar with the signs and symptoms of fertility in the woman's body.   Follow up sessions are then required to actually use the Billings Ovulation Method™.  What you may learn on the internet or in the introductory session is not enough to be able to use the method successfully. There is no cost to attend the Introductory Session, however there is a small materials charge (approximately $5) for the charts and stamps. 

Follow up Sessions

Follow Up Sessions are a requirement to learning the Billings Ovulation Method™ successfully.  The woman or couple meets with the Billings teacher on a regular basis, approximately every 2 weeks, until they are comfortable and confidant with the use of the method.  These follow up sessions are private between the teacher and each woman (or couple).  During these follow up sessions the teacher ensures that they are learning and understand the Billings Ovulation Method™. The Billings teacher also needs these follow up sessions to assess how well the method is understood by the client.  Follow up sessions are also encouraged during significant changes in the woman's situation (e.g. breastfeeding). 

Follow up sessions are scheduled with the teacher after the initial session and are provided at no cost. 

See Clinic Locations for the closest place to learn the Billings Ovulation Method™ in the Greater Toronto Area (for other locations see our links section).