Fertility control should be reliable, harmless, immediately reversible, inexpensive and not disturb the body’s natural processes.  It should not detract from the pleasure of love-making and it should encourage a good emotional and sexual relationship between partners. Fertility control does not mean a couple needs to give up intercourse for lengthy periods of time.

It is not necessary that menstrual cycles be regular to understand what is happening with one’s fertility. 

The Billings Ovulation Method® takes the guesswork out of avoiding pregnancy by enabling women to learn the events of their menstrual cycle, especially by recognizing changes in the mucus. This familiarity with patterns of fertility allows for remarkable accuracy. Our accredited Billings teachers help their clients understand what is taking place.

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“Billings Ovulation Method rules are formulated with maximum security for the postponement of pregnancy. There is no necessity to add more rules.” Professor J.B. Brown